I’m (Dr. Ing. Mag. Isabella Hinterleitner M.Sc.) a staff scientist and entrepreneur within the field of machine learning (reinforcement learning, recommender systems, neural networks, etc.) who studied cognitive sciences, medical computer science and engineering (Master / Ph.D.).

I’ve worked for quite some time in cooperate resarch in the field of autonomous driving developing innovative projects. In addition one of my main responsibility was helping researchers to support them to develop their ideas from idea to patent and furthermore get them into a running prototype.

The juridical basic I have learned practically throughout several different projects within industry and ministries. However, during the lifecycle of a project it is important to get your innovation on the road. TechMeetsLegal aims to support technicians, scientists just as innovators who have great ideas and put their ideas into the legal framework. I’m currently studying law at the university of vienna and thus I am interested in all topics in law that encounter technical challenges. These are product liability, criminal law, competetion law, labour law, general data protection and data protecion measure, data privacy and security, intellectual property law, copyright, contract law and much more.

The vision behind TechMeetsLegal is to support technicians, scientists and entrepreneurs and others related to help you to get your project started, your prototype running and foremost take care about legal and ethical constraints that you may encounter or already know of.

TechMeetsLegal offers support to start-ups as well as large companies by means of connecting you to a suitable, matching juridical partner from the start and support you during the definition of the concepts, use-cases and prototyping.

For lawyers, as well as technicians TML offers a self-adapting knowledge base (Lex-KB) that explains highly complex AI content to you in a microlearning style in short and modular units. Thus, the knowledge base connects intrinisic learning and educational barriers by explaining new topics in AI and law to you. To ensure that these topics are related to your educational path as well as individual interest we ask you at the end of each unit to rate the content of the projects explained. Based on your rating you will get new entries regarding your suggested projects in future.

In addition the plattform organizes regular events with imulse lectures and podium discussions. It is possible to get access to these events via an online access which is limited only to customers. The talks range around topics on the homepage such as: the new GDPR and how it has arrived in inustrial and scientific projects.

Further topics can be found at the following link. The participants of our events get free access to the knowledge base and the recommender system.